Can you spell S-N-O-W?


March 1, 2009 SNOW DAY! Winter has wandered off-course and we have a snow-covered lawn and deck! Our pastor let us know earlier that all services are cancelled for the day.
Nicholas, Teresa, and I had fun for a while throwing snowballs and making the requisite snowman on the back deck. The pots of pansies and snapdragons are completely covered over.
The last snow I remember that was close to being this exciting was in the eighties in Prattville. On April 1. I remember that date only because I wrote a poem about it. Snow is a rare treat here!

I've been up since about four and can hardly force myself to get away from the windows! I did take some time to go out and play a bit with my Teresa and Nicholas. Too bad Victoria doesn't live in our neighborhood.
Here we romanticize the snow because it seldom comes! Things scarce become precious, don't they?


Love that all of my Dixie Darlings are having Snow, Kathleen! It hasn't made it to the Sunshine State yet, but I'm starting to wonder! :-)

Have fun...


The snow was short, but exquisite! I suppose if it made it to the sunshine state, we'd all be in trouble food-wise. You'll just have to come north, Sheila!
Picket said…
Hey Kat...loved seeing the pics of y'all in the snow...we got twice as much as the first pics I had on the was beautiful..but gone by 12~~~~lol lol! Daddy said he got up around two and watched it snow..He loves to see snow.

I ask him what do we technically say about March now...cause you know they say if it comes in like a lamb it will go out like a lion & vice versa..he said we call this coming in like a lion! lol Oh and lordy forbid if we forget that ever how many days we hear it thunder in Feb that will be how many days frost we'll have in April! lol Glad everyone had a great day in this rare event of a day! What a way to welcome in March!
J and I have to love snow--our daddy did! The first time I remember snow was when I was about 3rd or 4th grade. Daddy always tickled me under the chin with "Kat-a-rat, Kat-a-rat" to wake me up. That morning he led me out onto the porch, barefooted, of course, and the porch was white with it. It became a real ice storm and icicles were hanging from the big old barn halfway to the ground it seems. (Naturally everything seems bigger than it really was!)

That morning I had my first snow ice cream. Yummy.
What a delight for all of you to experience. Fresh snow is one of a kind....The bright reflection can even light up the darkest night.

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