Friday, May 26, 2017

Neither Kith Nor Kin

Setting: Homecoming at Spalding University’s MFA in Writing
Time: May 2017
Title: Who Am I? Or, Neither Kith Nor Kin
Genre: Skit

Me:       Hello!

You:      So, you’re a writer? What do you write?

Me:       Words. Phrases. Clauses. Sentences. Poems. Short stories. Novels. Essays.                                                         

You:      Soooooooo, what then do you write?

Me:       Oh, you mean, what books have I published?

You:     Yeah, yeah. What books?

Me:       Well, I have two novels in manuscript—a middle grade novel and a mainstream.                                                

You:      But what do you write?

Me:        My first love is poetry.

You:       Oh, so you’re a poet.

Me:         My creative thesis for the MFA in Writing was a                                                   collection of short stories. I’ve had short stories published in journals; and I’ve had a regular creative nonfiction blog for some time; and I’ve attended a Creative Nonfiction workshop in Paris; and I’ve had a  few children’s poems published here and there; and I  write letters—I’m the official Corresponding Secretary for the Alabama Writers’ Conclave—and did I mention I’ve started a memoir?

You:       Ah, I see now. That’s it. You’re a poet

The End

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