Friday, May 10, 2013

A Mother's Day Prayer by Reverend Emily Freeman Penfield, Pastor, Woodlawn United Methodist Church

When Associate Pastor Emily Freeman Penfield was leaving Highlands United Methodist Church for her new post as Pastor of Church of the Reconciler, she presented the congregation with a gift--a small booklet of her prayers, Praying Through the Year.  I interviewed Emily last week for  my article about her and her work, "All in a Day's Work," posted now at Her comments to me during that interview about what she always prays for on Mother's Day reminded me of this very poetic and sensitive prayer she had used at HUMC:

May 11, 2008
Mother's Day

Gracious God who dances in our lives and hearts
as Holy Spirit--you are always present, always abundant
and always calling us to yourself. Awaken us this hour to
what can be--encourage us in the vision you have created
for Highlands. We long to be faithful, even in our 
disobedience. We long to be pleasing, even in our 
shallow and selfish moments. We long to give back to 
you, even in our desert and dry seasons. Rain down upon
us, God, like the heavy rains last night. Drench us in your 
dreams and your breath that is life, that is purpose, that
is the very essence of what we are made for.

Today we give thanks for mothers--for our
mothers and for those who have given life and birth to us, 
for those who have cared and nurtured us, for those who
stand by our side and raise us up when we are low--
whether they bore the title MOTHER or not. We ask your
blessed embrace on those who are missing their mothers
today, for those who long to be mothers, and for those
who have no women role models in their lives. The
scriptures say you care for us as a mother hen does her
chicks. We need you, God, and your wings of grace--
sometimes for protection and sometimes to ride high, but
in all things, may what we do, be for you. In the name of 
Christ Jesus we pray. Amen

For more information on Emily's work at Woodlawn UMC and the upcoming fundraiser dinner theatre that will be produced at the church this summer, follow their Facebook page, Woodlawn UMC.
Here are a few shots I snapped around the church:
Stained glass from the original WUMC

Tree of Life in Emily's office

The Reverend Emily Freeman Penfield
Woodlawn United Methodist Church

Martin Luther King, Little Rock High School, diplomas

Apt verse for the desk of a listener

Wall in Cornerstone School cafeteria

Terrolyn, proud of her work--and rightly so!
School garden

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