Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Date Correction!!

Numbers are definitely no friend of mine; they hide behind the few brain cells that are left. The actual date for the last big Alabama snowfall that I saw was April 3, 1983 in Prattville. (I had to check the poem!) On a previous April 3, 1974, one hundred tornadoes hit in the U.S. One hit our neighborhood in Huntsville the Monday before that Wednesday.

We missed the snowstorm in the '90s; that was our second decade living in Savannah. A snow is rare in Savannah indeed. But while our kids here were reporting snow, we were having our own blizzard in Savannah. Mostly wind that whistled so long and loud around corners that it hurt your ears.

My oldest sister, Annie Bell, remembers a winter before I was born when it snowed so much that when they walked in it, it was up to the knees. And she was about fifteen!

Well, March did roar into Alabama like a lion, so we'll see what April holds. . .

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