Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Planting The Divine Detail" with LAMP FRESHMAN CLASS

Yesterday I had the privilege of again presenting my "Road Scholar" poetry gig with the Alabama Humanities Foundation. The biggest compliment was that this was the second time I was invited to LAMP by Ms. Leah Stoudenmier. (I met her first when I did this poetry program for Northside High--my alma mater--in Tuscaloosa County where she was a student teacher.) The next huge compliment was that one of the students returned for a "second dose" even though he had been in my workshop last year. Thanks, Ms. Leah! Thanks, Jackson! Thanks, FRESHMAN CLASS OF LAMP!! (Don't forget to send me your poems when they're completed!)

Who says poetry can't be fun?? If you want to write poetry with me at your school, let me know at this site, and I'll contact your school. Or, just have your teacher read about the potential programs in both poetry and fiction at

 See you soon, I hope,  for a little subconscious-searching for your very own divine details, the salt, pepper, and sage (or tarragon) with which to season your poetry: abracadabra!

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  About twenty Birmingham language arts teachers endured my holding forth yesterday in my current gig as a Road Scholar ...