Friday, April 3, 2009

Carol York & Co. (Gadsden Library)

Librarians and Poets Laugh Off Weather Warnings

Weather forecast for Alabama on April 2, 2009: Severe thunderstorms, high winds, possible hail and tornadoes.
Who remembers the weather forecast on April 3, 1974? That was the day 100 tornadoes hit in the U.S. The previous Monday our neighborhood in Huntsville had been hit by a tornado, and many houses totally demolished. Our house only got a damaged roof and a door, along with a truckload of debris in the yard.
Last night at the Gadsden Library, Alabama Humanities Foundation sponsored another poetry workshop. These happy folks braved the storm to paticipate in "planting a seed."

Message in a Blog

  About twenty Birmingham language arts teachers endured my holding forth yesterday in my current gig as a Road Scholar ...