My own first cousins voiced twin complaints (Imo and Ema) when I saw them this past fourth Sunday in April for the annual decoration at Phillips Chapel in Tuscaloosa County. (There my tombstone is already in place close to Mama's and Daddy's.)

They said, almost in unison, "You don't change your blog much, do you?" Would you say this is the understatement of the century? lol

I could have given a lot of excuses such as swimming and playing with my grandchildren, organizing a chapbook of poems for a literary competition, writing more stories for the linked collection in progress, organizing and implementing a 50th high school reunion at Northside High School, sweet, sweet, attending a reunion in May at Spalding University, and three spring trips to beaches, but I did not make excuses. We all lead busy lives.
(Orlando Shores: Tommy in distance. Note the real reason I don't blog is that it takes hours. I have several pics selected but how to get them here is a conundrum.)

So now I speak. I hope someone will drop in and read this before the Conclave, July 16-18, and tell others.

Go to the web site of the Alabama Writers Conclave http://www.alabamawritersconclave.org/ and read about the details of our annual conference. Special hotel rates at the Sheraton, Colonade, are still available. Hope to see you there.


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