Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Week of Bread

Last Saturday was the beginning of a bread binge. Worry the dough. Worry the dough. Another oatmeal was a good Monday's start, along with two light brown loaves, and since I failed to capture those on film, why not repeat the oatmeal on Wednesday, so I did. . .

and on Friday another pair of light brown loaves (1/3 whole wheat/2/3 bread flour) and yet one more oatmeal . . .

and the grande finale today of two loaves of "Healthy Banana Bread"!!

Ta-da: Bread Week! Why, you're sure to ask. But why not? I was bound to my house for reasons too boring to mention, and baking bread is a good respite from computer work. It requires a different kind of thinking. You can waltermitty all over the place as you bake bread, and often, as when ironing, you can unravel all kinds of snarls--either in life or fiction.
Do you know Picasso's "Woman Ironing" from his Blue Period? I saw it in NY this past Thanksgiving week. (More on that in another post. Maybe the painting. Maybe my poem "September Ironing.") See how I can waltermitty here or there or anywhere.
There were bouts of fiction writing in between this week, but mostly added ingredients which I kneaded over and under, gooey, pliable, elastic. . .hoping to shape them into a pleasing whole.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Well, that bread looks divine, and I'm sure your written work will be as well.

Kim, I have no doubt that the Lord sent you their way to pray for them. That blanket is a prayer blanket of sorts, and it could very well represent a turning point in their lives, a point the began when a very sweet, lovely person took it upon themselves to see the beauty among the ashes. This is why I love you and your blog SO much.


Sheila :-)

Sam said...

Wow, you must not use a bread maker Kathleen, because your bread looks beautiful. I was recently givin a maker for my birthday and the bread comes out looking pretty knarly! I sure do like your blogging style and feel like a piker next to your bread. We should put your skills on my blog for the world to see. More later, Keri (a.k.a. Sam) P.S. thanks for the French message, tre fabulous.

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