Monday, February 23, 2009

And the winner is . . .

Well, finding that word hasn't created much interest among Kathleen's Cadre (thanks, Sheila--we can try that for a bit and see how it slips off the tongue) but I think those who want to guess have guessed!

Goody for you, Ms. Magpie and Carrie--both of you have taught me something! I just don't know what I called the process. Maybe it was simply initial. I know it wasn't rubrics because my definition for that word would have been explanatory rules or guidelines, but it seems from my trusty Oxford English Dictionary that you are right on the money, Carrie. Couldabeen!

Since Ms. Magpie was so expedient with her answers, here's a boring little ditty for her:

Initial? Drop Cap? Who Knows The Word?

he early bird who won is quintessential;
a couplet for her has little potential
except perhaps to shred and further feather
her already brilliant nesting endeavor.

o why not string along a quatrain instead?
Then rip it up to sheet her frilly bed;
wallpaper the lamp, and stuff the pillows
with syllables that sound like weeping willows.

f meter and rhyme run wildly amuck, no matter.
They’ll pair up with other shining trash and tatter,
and become so comfy, so cozy, that Miss Magpie
must resist, lest her wings forget how to fly.

[Bah humbug! The copy and paste didn't keep the beautiful drop caps I worked so hard to create. Sorry!]

Meantime, have we settled on salamanda, Amanda? I like the wordplay. But do you like little critters? I actually do. We used to call salamanders mud puppies or spring lizards.

Picket is back! My blogging mentor!! Yeah--now we have a real blogger back blogging!


Picket said...

Hey Kat!!!!! Ohhhh it is so good to have my computer back! lol I thought I had lost everything and I felt like I was on another planet away from all my friends.

We did get alot done around the house & yard though..the thrift is starting to bloom and the blooming crabapple trees are putting on leaves..

Lordy Kat you know I feel like a dufus when you use those big words! lol But I know sweet Sheila knows all of them and she loves to play word games...she is such a sweet soul & dear friend.

I am trying to convince myself to paint below the chair rails a creamy white and add the picture frame moldings....I have always loved seeing that look in other's homes but I just hope it isn't too traditional for me or too much whiteness! I love homey country whatever my style is and I can't live with too empty and too 'pretty'! lol I have already taken down the lace curtains and the toile panels in the cabinets....I loved it but I love seeing the clear glass and my dishes thru them the other morning I got up before daylight and walked thru the kitchen and it just hit me...I turned and looked at the curtains and said 'ok..that's have got to go!' lol lol I have got to hurry up and decide on something for that bedroom because it is EMPTY & I gotta have my comfort zone!...

I think I am gonna start looking at the antique stores more for certain items..ohhh Kat that made me should do a post on Maw Smith's old things that you have and talk about her..ohhhh I would have a hankie ready for that one girl..

well I better go...I look like I have wrote a book already..hum...maybe I need to sign it for you..some of your great writing genes might rub off on me one day and people would recognize me down at the local Piggly Wiggly! lol lol Love ya Kat..give my love to all the gang.. Picket

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Kathleen! That ditty is wonderful! I love it and would love to post it on the sidebar of my blog with some info about you and a link to your blog if you would allow me. I have to figure out if I know how to do that, but if you will give me permission, I will certainly try! LOL! If not, then I will just come back here and admire it. You know how I love shiny objects!

I'm thrilled! :-)



Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims and Gardens said...


Who would know the word your were searching, not I less.....Google was my light..... your definition for rubric sounds acceptable, or a very ornate letter too, because I am no literary. But your follower I am, and I love your posts. Your little ditty for quintessential early bird was a wonderful way to start my morning.
When I was a young girl I would catch mud puppies, what a memory trip....

Kathleen Thompson said...

Well, how sweet it is, Picket. Just reading whatever you write energizes me! If I take the time to select any kind of cloth, I'd better love it because it will be with me for several decades! To see how fast you change things makes me think you're a magician.

Maw Smith's stuff? Well, you know she didn't have much stuff and somehow it all disipated (there's a good one) after she was gone.

I do have my sixth grade poetry notebook in which she (or you--I think I told you that you were suspect in this) doodled little houses. We all have templates in our heads, I think, for doodles; hers that I remember were those little boxy houses and a bird or chicken. Too bad I can't draw here or I'd show you. Maybe I can scan it from that old book!!

So GLAD your computer is mended!!

And, Sheila, that ditty is all yours to do what you will with!! I'm with you about posting stuff--we need lessons from Picket. I'm going to try to post a poem from my book called "Men Who Buy Lunch at the Pig" in honor of Picket who plans to write and become famous there. (She could do it!)

Carrie, we must talk mud puppies. Did you ever eat chinqapins--known better as chinkapins?

Now off to try to paste that poem in!

Aunt Kat

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