Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving. . .

  • for a God who listens whether I whine or sing
  • for stunning sunsets
  • for life
  • for working limbs
  • for family
  • for grandchildren especially
  • for fresh coconut cake with lemon/orange filling, cranberry conserve, pear mincemeat pie, pecan pumpkin pie--the whole of the meal


Nanna said...

if that's cranberry conserve on that counter, sure looks good!found out about your bake day with Ann a day late, sure hate I missed that,hope you're geering up for a wonderful Christmas!

Kathleen Thompson said...

Hey, Nanna!!! Wish you had some of the cranberry conserve; it's yummy. Sorry you missed the Great Cake Bake. We'll have to do it again. xoxo Aunt Kat

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