Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Zinnias + Parties = Summer

Is there a fire extinguisher in the kitchen??? (Note the zinnias. Note Will. "Give me the camera!" This is not a party pic but taken at home in his high chair. Couldn't leave him out.)

Zinnias go well in a silver bowl, too!

Below: a baby shower and I'm serving up Becky Bradley's lucious peach punch to Grandmother Diana Spencer.

Zinnias are best in their glorious growing state!

The circular bed at the corner of our yard is the site of a flowering cherry tree which was killed during the drought two years ago. In the center is a small cedar tree which was transplanted from the north side of Tuscaloosa County in my sister Annie Bell's woods before the zinnia seeds from her garden were planted all around it.


Picket said...

Morning Kat..Looks like a great time! Tommy looks like like he needed oxygen support to blow out all those candles!!!! lol But I bet he had a great birthday! Happy Belated Birthday to him...

Kat I love love love those 'Old Maids' (zinnas) you have planted from the seeds of Ann's garden...lordy they bring back a picture as clear as day of me as a young girl out in the yard with Maw Smith...she'd have her apron on and an old bonnet on her head and we'd be in the garden...between their house and the Shelbys and there was an old clothesline that had on old long board with a slit in the top that she'd use to prop up the line if the clothes started weighing it down any and there'd be all those Old Maids...every color..I thought they were the prettiest things I had ever seen...and I can see her in the kitchen at the stove cooking dinner for Paw Smith...waiting for him to come walking across the yard at 12:00 noon from the old lumber yard...I remember the old bench I sat on at the table and listening to Joe Rumore on the radio and that old bucket of water and the dishpan on the little table just inside the back door that you washed your hands in before every coming to the table...and Judy's little dog Friskie...I never could figure out how that could be Judy's dog when clearly he 'lived' with Maw Smith..lordy Kst..I'm sorry for going back in time like that..I am sitting here with tears in my eyes...it is like turning pages in an old well loved book...I loved my childhood and I love you for giving me a glimpse back in that time..have a great week Kat and give my love to all...Dot...aka ~Picket~

Kathleen Thompson said...

My dear Dorothy, I'm already deadheading zinnias and will save you some seeds to plant next year! Was it just yesterday we saw each other?? What a sweet, sweet visit! I rarely check this blog, so I'm glad I did tonight.

Teresa and I are both so impressed with your decorating skills, and your pizazz with color!!! We really made some memories yesterday. I love the way your memories have taken me back to Mama's zinnias and all the things that go with it. I must ask Judy about "her" dog Friskie who lived at our house! LOL

Take care and pamper yourself a little this summer. I hear the younger working girls at my exercise group say they are taking a "me" day. You need to take a few days like that!!

Love U,
Aunt Kat

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