Friday, March 20, 2009

Hambuger Beans, Sea Purses, and Poetry

Sailor-By-The Sea

This morning on my walk I picked up a Sea Purse, which is a little one-inch sea bean that washed in from who knows where--probably the shores of South America. It looks very much like the Hamburger Bean (whose name says it all) except that its "zipper" seam stops short of circling the bean; thus, its name, purse.

Overhead a line of pelicans clouded the sun; thirty-four. I counted. The sand has been littered all week with the unique two-way sail design of Sailors-by-the-Sea and the diaphanous blues of the Portuguese Man of War. The background music is the whoosh of true seafoam-green waves crashing onto the sand. March in Melbourne Beach. That's pure poetry.

Yesterday I had a poetry workshop with nine wonderful participants against that backdrop at the Barrier Island Sanctuary. (My daughter and I anticipate the reading of a creation above.) Tomorrow I'll read poetry out on the deck. Sweet.


Picket said...

Hey Kat...hope the weather holds out for you tomorrow and you have a great day...give my love to Ann & Judy and a happy late Birthday hug to Ann! I'm glad you got to show them the post on Pa Smith...I have the framed lures sitting on top of my computer desk at this very moment....funny how some memories can take you back to a day and time like it just happened...I never will foget the emotion that swept over me when I touched that velvet feeling little brown touch where his hands had touched a thousand times and to hold something in my hand that he had made with his so many years ago...I just sat on that back porch with daddy and we both just looked at each other with tears running down our faces and neither one of us said a word for a long time...God have mercy on me Kat when I have to say goodbye to daddy in this you Kat♥

mah said...

Oh, Kathleen what healing the ocean gives and what calm comes from reading poetry against that wonderful soothing, healing sound! Oh I love it!
My favorite time at the beach is November and March! Have a great week. Mary Ann

The Quintessential Magpie said...

There is nothing on earth like the sea. If I didn't live somewhere near it, so that I could hear and see the sounds of waves, I don't know what I'd do. When I was little, Kathleen, I dreamed of living in Florida, and here I am living that dream! Have a lovely time at the beach...


Sheila :-)

Kathleen Thompson said...

Hey, everybody! When I have a little time to blog, I forget all the little places to look!! I went to your blog, Dorothy, this morning and did a quick viewing! Wow! Your blogging skills are un-matched!

Question: is it okay to use a pic from Google on your blog site? Ethical, that is? After I copied the pic in, I couldn't find the source, so I couldn't list it. I need to look again.

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