What's That Word????

Ever try to remember a word that used to roll off the tip of your tongue and now you can't even google it? (If you say, "No," I don't want to talk to you. Just you wait, sistuh! Your brain cells are dwindling just the same as ours! ) Well, another of my sweet nieces, not Picket, (I have dozens) wrote me this question, but I can't help her.

Okay, here's the question to my TERRIFIC TWELVE bloggerettes! Twelve, can you believe, a handy-dandy dozen? Welcome #12, Miss Magpie (drumroll, please) of the quintessential kind!

Here's my current brain lapse: The first word in a line begins with a larger letter than any other one in the line or paragraph, such as the one in the medieval illuminated manuscripts; what is that called?

The first Bloggerette to answer this puzzler will win the prize of a personalized couplet written just for you!! Put your thinking hats on. . .

. . .tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock. . .


amanda.smith said…
Thanks Aunt Kat. It is funny how quickly things spread with technology. Ha. It will be interesting to see how long it takes. This is more fun than google for sure! <3
Kathleeen, thanks for the warm welcome!

I snooped around the internet, and I found several words that might work: Incipit, Initial, Titulus, and Subscriptio.

Any of those sound like it might be what you want?

Sheila :-)

This is fun and I am going to guess

Rubrics, hmmm.. I have found this so interesting I have to back to my google page and read more...

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