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Rabbit Hole of Writing: Looking for Pen Pals

My Dear Readers,

For the past year my blogging journey has submerged into that wascally wabbit hole of cyberspace, and this morning I'm trying to figure out just where in Wonderland all my "stuff" resides. Perhaps no archives exist here. Perhaps all of my early readers have fallen away because truly they were friends with my niece, Dorothy, anyway. (No she does not wear red slippers, although she is just as magical as that other well-known one is. See Picket at Pinterest.) 

WELD for Birmingham has tried to educate me to some degree about posting blogs for them, but I could never figure out just how to connect my friends to the blog. It was like sending out an email announcement to a group, and asking anyone who doesn't have email to pick up a hard copy of the announcement. HOW will they know? 

Ah, but occasionally there have been connections. (And isn't that the most a writer hopes for?) My aquatics class at One Nineteen found the Lane Cake essay and we talked that …